When the Muslims had taken prayer as a mark and symbol of their faith it had been indelibly ingrained in their hearts and souls. Then it was, in the second year of Hijrah, that Allah commanded them to also observe
fasting, hence: “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you,
even as it was prescribed for those before you, that ye may ward off (evil).” [Qur'an 2:183]
In another verse, the Qur’an says:
“The month of Ramadhan in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you sights the crescent, let him fast the month.” [Qur'an 2:185]
The circumstances that led to this battle began with the news received by the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him that a great caravan
with lots of money and merchandise, was being led by Abu Sufyan on its way back to Makkah from Syria. A state of belligerence already existed between the Muslims and the Quraysh, for the Quraysh was by this time doing all that was in their power to harm and abuse the Muslims, to impede their progress, and to topple their rising power.
They were sparing none of their financial and physical resources to get on the job and their armed detachments very often penetrated deep into the limits of Madinah and its pastures to pound upon the Muslims.
As we may know that the Muhaajiroon have left all their houses and most of their wealth back in Makkah and as a result of that this was a good reason to capture this caravan.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him asked the Muslims to get ready to intercept the caravan. However, since it was a commercial caravan, the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him did not make any elaborate arrangements for fighting, but merely positioned
himself in order to catch the caravan flatfooted.
Informed of the Prophet’s (peace be and blessings upon him) decision to stop him, Abu Sufyan sent a courier to Makkah with an urgent request for reinforcements. Thereupon, the Quraysh ably supported and accompanied by all the notable chiefs of Makkah hastily formed an armed force. Such support group enlisted every man available therein from the neighboring tribes and this army went forth to assist the
caravan. The Quraysh were so flared up that hardly a man was left behind in Makkah.
News came to the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him that a strong Makkan army was on its way to engage him in a battle. The
Prophet peace be and blessings upon him thereupon summoned his followers and solicited for their advice. He really wanted to ascertain the
reaction of the Ansaars, for, their original oath of allegiance with him obliged them to defend him in Madinah and did not compel them to take part in a military expedition outside their territory.
The Muhaajiroon responded first and assured him of their help and loyalty. The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him, however, repeated his appeal and the Muhaajiroon gave similar reply but the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him threw the same question once again for the third time. Now the Ansaar realized that the question was meant for them. S’ad b. Mu’ad immediately got up to say in reply, “O Prophet of God peace be and blessings upon him, it appears that the question is directed to us and you want to have our answer. Perhaps you think, O Prophet of God peace be and blessings upon him, that the Ansaar have offered to help you on their own territory only. I want to tell you in behalf of the Ansaar that you may lead us wherever you like, align with whom you may desire or break relations with
whom you may think fit; you may take whatever you desire from our property and give us as much as you want; for, whatever you would take from our property would be dearer to us than what you would leave for us.
We will follow whatever you command us to do. By God, if you go ahead until you reach Bark Ghimdan, we will accompany you, and by God if you march into the sea, we will also do it with you.”
The battle took place on the 17th of Ramadhan, 2nd year of Hijrah. Badr is situated 160km southwest of Madinah.
The battle was between the Muslims as one side and Quraysh idolaters, where the Muslims army were consisting of 313 to 317 men with two horses and 70 camels, on the contrary Quraysh army were consisting of 1000 men with 100 horses, 6oo suits of armor, and many
camels. 70 men were killed among the Quraishities army, and 70
were captured, where only 14 of the Muslims were killed. The result of the battle was a great victory for the Muslims over their enemy.


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