In the third year after Hijrah, the tribes of ‘Adal and Qara sent an embassador to the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him asking for scholars who could be sent to teach them the rudiments of
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him sent six of his companions who included ‘Asim b. Thabith, Khubayb b. ‘Adiy and Zayd b. Dathinna. When this party reached ArRaji,a place between ‘Usfan and Makkah, the two tribes treacherously fell on them. The Muslims took out their swords to fight against them but the assailants swore by God that they would not kill them.
Three of the six Muslims replied that they could not accept any undertaking given by the pagans; so they fought and were killed. The remaining three, Zayd, Khubayb and ‘Abdullah b. Tariq surrendered.
The last companion temporarily escaped during the return trip, but was later killed by one of the polytheists, while the remaining two were sold to the Quraysh. Hujayr b. Abu Ihab bought Khubayb to vindicate his father Ihab and Zayd was purchased by Safawan b. Umayya to avenge the loss of Umayya b. Khalaf.
When Zayd was taken out for execution, a number of the Quraysh including Abu Sufyan gathered to witness the barbaric spectacle. Abu Sufyan asked Zayd, “Verily, for God’s sake, O Zayd, don’t you wish that Muhammed had now been in your place and you with your family?” “By
God,” replied Zayd, “I don’t wish Muhammed to be hurt even by a thorn while I should be in sweet repose with my family.”
Thereupon Abu Sufyan remarked: “I have never seen any man so much adored as Muhammed is held by his companions.” Zayd was killed after that. (Ibn Hisham Vol. II, pp. 16976, AlBukhaari, Kitab UlMaghazi).
Then they brought Khubayb to crucify him. He asked his executioners to allow him to offer two rak’ats of prayer.
Having performed the prayers in complete tranquility, Khubayb said to them, “Were it not that you would think I only extended my prayer out of fear of death, I would have prolonged my prayer.” Then he recited these verses: “I fear not which side I fall apart; It’s all for God who will bless the limbs that had taken part.”
Khubayb was striken dead with the song of love on his lips. (Ibn Hisham Vol. II, pp. 174, Ibn Kathir, Vol. III, p. 12325).
     BI’R MA’UNA
Another act of treachery took place shortly thereafter. A tribal chief, ‘Amir b. Malik, was interested to have the doctrines of Islam explained to his people. The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him sent 70 persons, some of whom were his eminent companions, but when they reached the place called Bi’r Ma’una, the tribesmen of Banu Sulayman, Usayya, Ri’l and Dhakwan ambushed the delegation. The Muslims
fought bravely and all but one was killed. K’ab b. Zayd returned to tell the story. He died in the Battle of the Trenches. (AlBukhaari, Muslim and Ibn Hisham, Vol. II, p. 186).
One of the Muslims who was killed treacherously on this occasion was Haram b. Milhan. The words uttered by him at the time of his death brought about the conversion of his killer Jabbar b. Salma to Islam. Jabbar used to relate later on that what led him to accept Islam was that he attacked a man with his spear and when the man saw the
tip of his spear coming out if his chest, he heard him crying, “By the Lord of Kaʹbah, I have succeeded!” Jabbar further says that he wondered what sort of success it was. Had he not killed the man? Jabbar enquired from others who told him that the man had meant martyrdom and thus he was convinced that his victim had truly been
successful. (Ibn Hisham, Vol. II, p. 187)


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