The Quraysh finally broke the treaty of Hudaybia. They helped the tribe of Banu Bakr (their allies) with weapons and men against Banu Khuza’a (the Muslim’s allies) in which Banu Khuza’a lost a number of their men. Banu Khuza’a appealed to the Muslims for help on the basis oftheir allegiance to them.
All preparations were done in secret so that the Muslims could advance upon the Quraysh by surprise, guarantee victory, and minimize the loss of lives. They were able to descend upon Quraysh unexpectedly with a military force larger and better equipped than anything Quraysh had ever seen before.
The leaders of Quraysh were shocked to see the fires of the Muslim army filling the night sky. They went out to assess the situation and were dumbstruck by the sight of the Muslims’ cavalry. They were Abû Sufyân, Badîl b. Warqâ’, and Hakîm b. Hazzâm.They were led to Allah’s
Messenger peace be and blessings upon him. They very soon declared their entry into Islam and their surrender. They requested a general amnesty for Quraysh and it was granted.
The move to Makkah took place in Ramadhan, 8 A.H.; the Muslim force was 10,000 soldiers.
Allah’s Messenger entered Mecca in humility, in humble devotion to Allah. When he reached the House, he broke the idols and defaced the graven images, heralding the fall of the last stronghold of idolatry, the triumph of monotheism, and the extension of Islam’s authority over the Arabian Peninsula.
As they began to harbor hopes of winning the laurels by bringing the Muslims upon their knees. The tribe of Hawazin saw a godsent in the fall of Quraysh to build up their fame on the declining prestige of the Quraysh. It was the 10th of Shawwal, 8 A.H. when the army reached
Hunayn (a wadi situated between Makkah and Ta’if).
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him mobilized 12,000 soldiers, where the pagans of Hawazin came with 20,000 soldiers in addition to their women, children, and their cattle.
The result of the battle was a great victory for the Muslims over their enemy, and the captives of Hunayn numbered six thousand. The spoils included twentyfour thousand camels, forty thousand or more goats and four thousand ounces of silver.
The reason for this battle was to get hold of the warriors of Thaqif who fled from Hunayn and made a retreat to Ta’if. This battle took place immediately after the battle of Hunain.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him, used for the first time catapults in the siege of Ta’if whose ingress and egress were completely blocked. The arrows shot by the enemy took its toll on the lives of several Muslims (12 soldiers). The siege continued for some twentyfive to thirty nights. Allah had not willed the fall of Ta’if. So the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him gave orders to lift the siege and depart.


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