The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him was repeating the Talbiya: “At Your Service, O Allah, at Your Service…” and asking the people to proceed slowly and gently. He kept raising his voice in Talbiya until he came to Muzdalifa.
There he ordered Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) to give the call for prayers and performed the sunset prayer before the camels were rested and unloaded. He recited the night prayer after the camels were relieved and then went to take rest and slept till dawn.
Having performed the dawn prayer early in the morning, the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him mounted on Qaswa and came to Mash’ar alHaram, the sacred site in Muzdalifah, where he faced the Qibla, supplicated God and declared His Greatness until the morning light was clear. Thus he glorified God before the sun had risen. Then he left Muzdalifa with Fadl b. ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) up behind him on top of his camel, chanting the Talbia all the way. He asked Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) to pick up seven small pebbles for Rami Jimar. When he came to the middle of the valley of Muhassar, he urged his camel to go fast and passed the plain quickly for it was the place where punishment was inflicted upon the army of Abraha. The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him came to Mina and from there to the Jamratul ‘Aqaba There he threw the pebbles after the sun had fully risen and ended it with the recitation of Talbiya.
Returning to Mina, the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him delivered a resolute address in which he dwelt upon the sacredness of Yaum AnNahr and the significance Allah has assigned to the day.
He elucidated the honor and distinction conferred by God on Makkah over all the cities of the world and called upon the people to follow whoever guided them in accordance with the Book of Allah. Then, asking the people present there to learn the rites of pilgrimage from him, the Prophet peace be and blessings upon him urged them not to revert to the ways of the infidels, beheading one another after him. He asked those present to convey everything he had told them to those who were absent. Thereafter, he said: “Worship your Lord, offer prayers five times a day, observe fast for a month (in Ramadhan), obey those of you who are in authority and you shall enter the Jannah of your Lord.”
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him also said something to his companions on this occasion which alluded to his valediction and hence the pilgrimage came to be known as the Farewell Pilgrimage.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him then went to the place of sacrifice in Mina and sacrificed sixtythree camels by his own hand –the number of sacrificial camels being analogous to the number of years he remained alive. He ordered ‘Ali to sacrifice the remaining excess number to make up a total of one hundred camels sacrificed on his behalf.
The offering having been completed, he sent for the barber, got his head shaved and distributed his shaved hair among the people. Then he returned to Makkah on his mount and went round the Kaʹbah again. After that he came near the well of Zamzam and drank its water without sitting down, and returned to Mina on the same day. He spent the night at Mina where he stayed until the sun had passed the meridian; then he proceeded to stone the Jamrahs and starting from the first one he went on to throw pebbles on the middle Jamrah and finally on the last one.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him delivered two sermons at Mina, one on the Day of Sacrifice which has been mentioned earlier and the next on the day after.
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him remained at the place to perform the stoning of the Jamrahs on the three days after the Day of Sacrifice, known as AyyamITashriq. Thereafter he departed for Madinah.
When the outskirts of Madinah appeared, he raised his voice to say, “Allah is Great”, three times and then said, “There is no god but Allah. He is One, without any partner, to him belongs the dominion and the praise and He has power over all things. (We are) the returning and the repenting and the submitting and the worshipping; God has fulfilled His promise and helped His bondman and alone routed the confederates.” (Zad alMa'ad, Vol. I, p. 249)
The Prophet peace be and blessings upon him entered Madinah in the broad daylight.


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