And I asked if his followers were increasing and you said that they were gaining in numbers.
Faith is always like that for it goes on increasing until it is triumphant.
Then I asked if anybody had turned away from him and rejected his faith and your reply was ʹNoʹ. The faith once settled in the heart never leaves it.
And then I asked if he ever broke his word and you said ʹNo.ʹ Prophets never break their promises.
Then I asked about his teachings and you told me that he asked you to
worship One God, not to associate ought with Him; bade you to turn away from the idols and to speak the truth;
and to be virtuous and to glorify the Lord.
Now, if you have told me the truth about him he will conquer the ground that is beneath my feet. I knew that a Prophet was about to be born but I had never thought he would come from Arabia.
If it had been possible I would have called upon him, and if I had been with him, I would
have washed his feet.ʺ
Heraclius summoned his chiefs and courtiers and got the doors of his chamber closed upon them.
Then, turning he said, ʺYe Chiefs of Rome! If you desire safety and
guidance so that your kingdom shall be firmly established, then you follow the Arabian Prophet (peace be and blessings upon him).ʺ Whereupon they all started off but found the doors closed. When
Heraclius saw them getting sore, he was despaired of their conversion, so he ordered to bring them back. He said,
ʺWhat I had said before was to test your constancy and faith and I am now satisfied of your firmness and devotion.ʺ
The courtiers lowered their heads and were pleased to hear him speaking thus. Heraclius lost the golden opportunity as he preferred his kingdom over the eternal truth.
As a consequence, he lost even his kingdom after a few years during the time of Caliph ʹUmar.    

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