The Prophet Mohammed peace be and blessings upon him made many treaties with the local tribes and the chiefs of states the surrounding the
Arabian Peninsula and very strictly adhered to the terms of his treaties. When once he entered into any treaty with anyone, he was never first to break the treaty.
This was one of the cardinal principles of his policy. He always
honored his promises and pacts with other people and advised his followers to do the same. He always enjoined upon his commanders not to break their trust. The Qurʹan commands:
ʺO you who believe! Fulfil all your obligations (and trusts).ʺ               
[Qurʹan 5:1]
The obligations of treaties and pacts are of far more significance than promises made to individuals.
The Qurʹan therefore lays great emphasis on the believers to
honor them:
ʺYou should not take friends from among them (the hypocrites) unless they migrate in the Way of Allah;
and if they do not migrate, then seize them wherever you find them and slay them and do not take any of them as friends and helpers. However, those hypocrites are excepted who join a people who are
allied to you by treaty.”
 [Qurʹan 4:8990]   

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