Episode 97: Covenant Between The Muslims And Jews 8/11

49. The contracting parties are bound to help one another against any attack on Yathrib.

50. If they are called to make peace and maintain it, they must do so; and if they make a similar demand on the Muslims, it must be carried out, except in the case of the Jihad.

51. Everyone shall have his portion from the side to which he belongs; the Jews of al Aus, their freedmen and themselves have the same standing with the people of this document in pure loyalty from the people of this document. Loyalty is a protection against treachery. He

who acquires anything acquires it for himself.

52. Allah approves of this document. This deed will not protect the unjust and the sinner. The man who goes forth to fight or the man who stays at home in the city is safe unless he has been unjust and a sinner. Allah is the Protector of the good and the Cod‐man and Muhammed is

the Messenger of Allah peace be and blessings upon him.

This was a historic document, which brought revolutionary changes in the body politic of the City of Medinah and gave it a new status.

The main achievements of the document are summarized below.

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