Episode 99: Covenant Between The Muslims And Jews 10/11


5. This document introduced a novel idea into politics. It brought morality into politics against all material and secular attitudes. Allah was recognized as the source of all Authority and Law and Muhammed was recognised as the Messenger of Allah peace be and blessings upon him and as His agent.

6. It established the rule of law in the country. One law was applied to all, irrespective of caste, creed, color or race, and even Muhammed himself was not excluded.

And interference with law in any form was strictly forbidden. Muslims and Jews and others were treated in the same manner before the law and no distinction was made in such matters.

7. Another revolutionary step was the establishment of one community (Ummah) out of the heterogeneous nature and structure of the multiracial society. The Muslims, the Jews and their allies were knit together into one community with one authority and one law for all as

against the rest of the world. Thus the idea of oneness infused a spirit of unity and solidarity among the peoples of Medinah and made them one solid cemented structure against their enemies.


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