Praise be to Allah and may the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and lovers.

Thereafter, in this episode we are going to talk about the aim of this research, its methodology and its plan.

The aim of this research has been outlined as follows:

1- Elucidating the basic starting points and regulations for Da’wah work, done by institutions or individuals.

2 – Establishing an integrated and comprehensive method for calling to Allah distinguished by visibility and road safety and peace of mind.

3 - Addressing the emerging problems in the field of Da`wa activities and its missions.


The methodology of this research has been summarized in the following points:

1 - A prelude to discuss the meaning of Da`wah, its virtues, its function and its components.

2 – Dividing the research into the rules to make it easily imaginable and each principle includes the following elements:

A – A brief introduction of the rule.

B –Legitimate reasoning for the rule.

C – Attempting to relate every rule to the historical reality in Da`wah activities of the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him), and establishing direct link between each rule and his method of call to Allah, their evidences have been presented as well.

D - Mentioning some examples of practical fact.

E – Detailing the required points of the rule needed for the practical work.

F - The positive effects of the rule if was applied and its negatives when was neglected.

G – An abstract about the rule with some detail.

3 – Referring to the Glorious Qur’an and Blessed Sunnah, attributing them to the original source. Furthermore, authenticity of the Hadith was outlined in the light of scientific research methodology.

4 – I tried to take advantage from the sayings of the righteous ancestors that support the rule.

5 – At the conclusion of the search, I have summarized the research’s main points characterized by methodology milestones that were derived from these rules to build an integrated method of calling to Allah.

6 - I have benefited from the writings of some contemporary writers alongside positive criticism and I have discussed such issues and subjects.

7 – I have focused on some aspects as I think they are among the motives of this research, being mindful of lucidity in the presentation of the ideas and explanation of main points. As well as positive criticism to some thoughts or contemporary attitudes, or methods applied by some preachers were also rendered. And so on.

Here I would like to point out to an important matter as the respected reader might see a kind of repetition in some evidences or examples, but it returns to the requirement of the context, and the same could be said about some rules and ideas that seem overlapping with each other.

On the other hand, the research plan includes the following elements:

* A foreword that contains the motives and objectives of the research and presents its methodology and plan.

*An introduction that includes the following rules:

- The First Rule: Purposes and intentions.

- The Second Rule: Visibility in vision and goal.

- The Third Rule: Aims and means.

- The Fourth Rule: Balancing between knowledge, worship and work.

- The Fifth Rule: Perception of advantages and disadvantages.

- The Sixth Rule: Construction and solution.

- The Seventh Rule: Changing and reformation.

- The Eighth Rule: Sense and Sensibility.

- The Ninth Rule: Idealism and realism.

- The Tenth Rule: Priority of the whole or a part.

- The Eleventh Rule: Coalition and difference.

- The Twelfth Rule: Balancing between encouragement and intimidation.

- The Thirteenth Rule: Optimism and despair.

- The Fourteenth Rule: Working gradually and not hastening.

* The Epilogue.

After all, this is an attempt; I hope to be beneficial for its author and reader. However, I do not claim that I have reached a non-reachable target. Anyway, it is a contribution dictated by the duty and responsibility, based on the perception of the reality and studying the legitimate evidences with reference to the biography of the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him). If there is something right in this study-and that is my hope- then I ask Allah for His reward, but if there is any mistake or lapses then I ask Allah for His pardon and forgiveness. Indeed He is All-Hearing, Near to all, Responsive to all.

Furthermore, I hope from my respected reader to correct if needs that, and I welcome any kind of suggestion to my work, as this research is relied mostly on my observation. May Allah reward whoever makes any correction or expresses any suggestion or contributes by adding any idea or modifies any mistake or provides more examples, and so on.

And we will talk Allah willing in the next episode or in the preamble about Da`wah and its meaning.

May the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and his all companions.




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