Specifications of the goal or regulations of the right goal:

Praise be to Allah and may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger Muhammad, his family members, his companions and his lovers.

Thereafter, in this episode we will present the specifications or the regulations of the right goal.

A preacher has to define his goal according to clear specifications in order to achieve the goal of his mission and reach the desired target; the specifications have been summarized as follows:

1 – The goal itself should be a legitimate and not to be led by certain enthusiasm, or seeing a social error, or because many people have deviated from the guidance or seeing the people doing serious work for of the falsehood. These or other similar reasons should not motivate the preacher to set an illegal goal by any cause or under any circumstance.

For example, if the preacher makes his goal to study the people of falsehood but it leads him to defame them or criticize them unjustly, then it would be regarded a sort of deviation from the legitimate aim to the illegal target.

Another example: if the preacher intends to reform the people but he sets his goal to achieve his aim through destructing any establishment or killing of innocents then this also would be regarded a deviation from the legitimate goal.

Likewise, if the preacher aims at raising the young on good deed, and transforming them from the life of useless fun, amusement and wasting of time to useful works but the preacher sets his goal to achieve his aims through showing leniency in prohibited behaviors such as hearing music or sitting in the gatherings of backbiting or gossip on the pretext of wining their hearts.

Moreover, we suppose if the preacher intends to care of the orphans and widows and collects money for this cause even if it is from prohibited sources proceeding unconcerned of this matter in order to establish an association for orphans.

These are some examples of partial goals that deviate him from the right goals and throw him in a variety of illegal and prohibited actions that harm him in this world and the Hereafter.

2 – The objective should be realistic and practically possible neither imaginary nor unaffordable. Moreover, the preacher should not tend towards the mere ideal and unreal goal that could not be applied. As well as the preacher should not imitate others whose capacities differ from his capacities or the means available to him differ from their means, and so on.

For example: The objective of the preacher is to disseminate the religious science among the people but he appoints himself a mufti or religious director or teacher while he is not qualified for that claiming that the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Convey from me even if it is only one verse." Otherwise you see him floundering in explaining the Islamic rulings and being contradicted with himself in his explanation. You will find such preacher making attitudes by events based on mere enthusiasm, desire or abstract mental.

I would not be exaggerating if I said that many failures of some missions and some preachers are because of this fault.

3 - The goal and the target should be sound in the terms of their applications; neither should be inconsistent with the other goals nor harm other ones.

This means that the target must be permissible and even prescribed by the religious sources neither contradicting other legitimate goals when applied, nor hurting anyone. For example, if his goal is educating the young and encouraging them to memorize the Glorious Qur’an or to teach them the principles of religion, but the preacher must define his goal in a way that does not contradict the obedience of these Youth for their parents, otherwise he would be regarded a cause of committing a major sin of disobedience to their parents.

Another example: If the preacher intends enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, but he exceeds his goal to beat or abuse, which is not of his authority.

Based on the above-mentioned facts, the goal of the preaching and the preacher should be legitimate and realistic and possible to be implemented and should not contradict any other goals so that he can achieve the desired goals by the will of Allah Almighty.

Moreover, by the will of Allah Almighty we will start in the following episode elucidating the fundamentals of the preaching and preachers to achieve the objectives of the mission.

May the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family members and his all companions.



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