The Hadith of Ibn Mas`ud was quoted by Dr. Yahya Nasir Khawaji in his study entitled ‘Aspect of Miracle in Human Behavior’ (1) and by Dr. Keith Moore, with Sheikh `Abdul Majid Az-Zindani and Mustafa `Abdul Basit Ahmad, in their research namely ‘The Frontal Cotyledons’ (2). Also they referred to the saying of Allah Almighty: “Nay! If he (Abu-Jahl) ceases not, We will catch him by the forelock -, a lying, sinful forelock!”[Al `Alaq: 15-16]

This blessed Verse verifies that forehead is the center of the guidance and control and this verification coincides with what has been discovered by modern anatomy of the brain, which says that the front of the brain, or the frontal lobe located behind the forehead is responsible for human behavior and his personality.

Dr. Keith Moore and his assistants said: "It was supposed for many years that the front parts, or the frontal side of the brain which are called ‘Lobes’, or ‘Frontal Cotyledons’ are the silent areas of brain, and that their role is simply modest in controlling over the functions of the body. The reason behind the existence of such ideas was that when the nerve fibers of the internal and external frontal cotyledons were cut or amputated there was no significant change in the activities of animals.

Furthermore, the similar effects have been observed on the people whose frontal cotyledons have been destroyed or the associated nerve fibers were amputated after accidents.

The idea about frontal cotyledons that they are silent was consolidated also due to the fact that the inducement of the internal parts did not entail any reaction in the human body.

After all, it has been discovered during the last fifty years that the frontal cotyledons are responsible for some mental functions in humans and animals.

However, the studies on the electronic scans of the brain, and the studies about the electrophysiological aspect of the body parts showed that whose frontal cotyledons were damaged often suffer from a decline in their mental abilities, also they suffer from a decline in their moral behaviors; such patients give signs of joy and self-satisfaction, also they often express the feelings  of boasting and their abilities to focus dwindle and they fail to take the initiative and endurance, in addition to that, the patient's ability to solve problems is substantially reduced. In particular, the problems that need to special mental capabilities. As well as the ability of the patient for determination deteriorates and his concern becomes limited to his present and to himself only.

In short, it is now known that the frontal cotyledons are very important for the mind; because it is associated with higher mental processes. Thus the activities of these cotyledons are significant.

Therefore, they affect the actions and functions of other parts of the brain, such as our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions. "

After that, those scholars mentioned the blessed Verses of Surah Al `Alaq, considering it as an explanation of the relationship between the frontal cotyledons of the brain and the ethical behavior of human beings. They added saying: “The procedure of lying begins with mental activities in the frontal cotyledons, eventually; the plan of sins is designed in the frontal cotyledons, before its move to the eye, hand, or genitals, etc.

Moreover, there is a Hadith of the Prophet (may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him) that proves that forehead represents the center of guidance and control.” Then they mentioned the text of the Hadith followed by their comment that says: “Perhaps, for this reason, Allah Almighty has ordered us to prostrate by putting our forehead on the earth. In fact, the commandment of prostrate means that we should put our center of will and decision on the earth; to show the full submission to Allah.” End of the quote.

The study of Dr. Yahya Nasir Khawaji verifies the abovementioned explanation. He states that they were encountered by a scientific fact in the field of neurosurgery in the Military Hospital of Riyadh, that made clear that any defect in the health of the frontal lobe (or Prefrontal Cortex Area 9-12), like the swelling cancer, accidents, abscess or internal bleeding, which is centered on the anterior lobe, causes pressure on these areas. It leads to changes in the behavior of the human, so the patient instead of being wise and sensitive to the affairs of others around him, he becomes unconcerned, insensible and irresponsible towards himself, his family and his community.

Dr. Yahya Nasir Khawaji states that he followed four cases which were transferred to the Military Hospital in Riyadh. They underwent (clinical) observation before and after surgical procedures to see the behavioral changes. And he mentioned those cases in detail, here I am going to quote from him because, example explains the idea.

The First Case: patient number (1954338), a car accident:

The patient was injured in an accident and his forefront of the skull was fractured, there was bleeding in the frontal lobe. After saving his life by conducting a surgery and removal of internal bleeding towards outside the brain and inside the skull, there was still some bleeding within the frontal lobe that was about (4 mm). This bleeding was responsible -as we know– for the complete change in the behavior of the patient and his manners. Six months later, this little quantity of bleeding was stopped then his condition was improved completely and he returned to his job, after he was deprived of the entire qualities of proper behavior.

The Second Case: patient number (1954668):

Diagnosis: Disease (Benign) in the front part of the skull, causing pressure on the frontal lobe of the brain for a long time with a change in her behavior that was explained by her relatives of being a result of her old age. But after test we identified the disease. She underwent the operation successfully by the Grace of Allah, her condition improved after less than a week after the operation. And now she is attentive and acts very naturally.

The Third Case: patient No. (84/554):

The patient suffered bleeding in the frontal lobe in an accident. Though the patient was conscious but has some strange behavior, for example: he walked naked in his section and beat whoever approached him, but after the treatment that lasted for six months, he returned to his work with his full mental faculties.

The Fourth Case: patient no. (1835421):

The patient was suffering from abscess in the anterior lobe of the left side -which as we know is more important than the anterior lobe of the right side in controlling the behavior-. Unfortunately, this patient visited a lot of charlatans, until Allah has ordained to be referred to the Department of Neurosurgery, thus the disease was diagnosed and the abscess was removed and his condition got improved as well as his behavioral and physical condition was far better within less than six months.

After that Dr. Yahya Nasir Khawaji concluded saying: "Finally, we mention that we have many cases of these diseases, but the intention is to give a brief idea about the patient's behavior and demeanor when his frontal lobe of brain is injured."



(1) Aspect of Miracle in the Human Behavior and its Relation to the Forehead, (p.3) amongst the researches of the First International Conference on Scientific Miracles in the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah, Pakistan.

(2) Frontal Cotyledons and the Higher Mental Functions (p.2), the First International Conference on Research for Scientific Miracles in the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah, Pakistan.



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