When I wanted to mention the explanation of a word and its meaning, I should have mentioned it after each Hadith because it is closer and easy. However, I have seen that the process will be repeated because many Hadiths have the same meaning along with words affinity. So, if I mention the explanation of one Hadith then a similar Hadith came after it and I referred to it, a knowledge seeker would suffer a great hardship until he finds his goal, and the book will be lengthy because of the many referrals. However, if I mention the meaning at the end of each chapter or section, it will be repeated like the first case. If we write a single book for explanation as Al Humaydy (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) did in the odd words of his book, it will become a separate book and will not have any relation with the original. So, some people would copy it and others will ignore it, thus the benefit will not be fulfilled, and the book will remain free of the explanation which I meant. Therefore, I intentionally arranged them alphabetically at the end of each letter and according to the context of Hadiths in each chapter.

I also mentioned the words which need explanation at the margin of the book in their original forms to make it easy for knowledge seekers. I did not mention only the odd words which the elites needed to know but also mentioned the words which common people needed to know. So, I omitted repeated words because they have been explained in other positions and only repeated the words which I need to add more explanation to or add something new to them.

So, if you search for a word in its proper position without finding it, let it be known that it has been mentioned before, so seek it in other position. Each word I did not know its meaning or I was suspicious about, I wrote it and left a space for its explanation. Moreover, I depended in my explanation on the main linguistic books, books of odd and difficult words of Hadith, the books of Fiqh, and others.

Of the linguistic books: The book of "At-Tahdhib" of Abu Mansur Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al Azhary and his book of "Fiqh Al Lughah," the book of "Sihah Al Lughah" of Abu Nasr Isma`il ibn Hammad Al Jawhary, the book of "Al Mujmal" of Abu Al Husayn Ahmad ibn Faris.

Of the books of odd words: The book of "Gharib Al Hadith" of Abu `Ubaydul-Qasim ibn Sallam and the book of "Gharibul-Hadith" of Abu Muhammad ibn `Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Qutaybah, and his book of "Mukhtalaf Al Hadith," the book of "Gharibul-Hadith" of Abu Sulayman Hammad ibn Muhammad Al Khattaby and his book "Ma`alim As-Sunan," and his book "Sha'n Ad-Du`a'," the book of "Al Jam`u Bayna Al Gharibayn" of Abu `Ubayd Al Harawy, the book of "Al Fa'iq" of Abu Al Qasim Mahmoud ibn `Umar Az-Zamakhshary, and the book of "Gharibul-Hadith" of Abu `Abdullah Al Humaydy. I also followed the books of Fiqh and Tafsir and took from them the explanations pertaining to Hadiths such as rulings and meanings.

Every advisable meaning, odd points, or explanations I found in these books I wrote it after careful examination. As for the meanings which I did not find, I mentioned them after asking the people of knowledge.

I hope that this book would be beneficial and sincere to Him. I do not claim that all I have written and conveyed was true and free of mistakes and forgetfulness.

I hope that every person reads the book and finds a mistake or error to fix it, and I invoke Allah to grant the person who does so of His Great Favor and Benevolence.



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