It has different types:

1- Al Mawquf that was reported from a Companion, and that cannot be hidden from the people of knowledge.

The chain of narration starts as usual but when it reaches a Companion, the narrator says: The Companion used to say such and such or used to do such and such or used to command of such and such.

2- Al Mawquf that was reported from one of the narrators before reaching the Companion such as to say: "Ibn Mas`ud said" without seeing him or listening to him. So, the Hadith is Mawquf at that narrator even if the wordings were of Ibn Mas`ud; this is one of the types of Al Mursal and one of the two types of Al Munqati`.

3- The Hadith was ascribed to the Prophet (peace be upon him) but one of the narrators did not report it from the Prophet, and this is one of the two types of Al Mu`dal.

4- The wordings of the Hadith may confuse the listener or the reader that it was ascribed to the Messenger of Allah while it was not, such as the Hadith that was reported by Al Mughirah ibn Shu`bah who said: The Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to to knock at the Prophet s door by finger nails. Mentioning the Prophet (peace be upon him) in the Hadith may confuse the listener that the Hadith was ascribed to Messenger of Allah, but it was the narration of a Companion about his peers without ascribing it to one of them.




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