Authentic narrations that are applicable are divided into two:

Mashhor (Well-known Hadith: A Hadith reported by three or more narrators in each stage of its chain of transmission) and Hadith Gharib (a Hadith with a single narrator usually at the beginning of the chain of narration).

Mashhor is of two types:

Hadiths that meet the conditions of Tawatur and Hadiths that do not meet them.

Gharib is divided into two:

Hadiths that do not reach the stage of denial and Hadiths that reached the stage of denial.

1- The first type is called certain knowledge which is the frequently transmitted narrations.

2- The second is called confirmed knowledge, and these are narrations that are reported by a single chain of transmission and the Pious Predecessors did not differ about and did not differ about acting according to them.

3- The third is called most properly suppositive knowledge which is the controversial narrations about which scholars differed: Some scholars accepted them, whereas others rejected them without denying them.

4- The fourth is called suppositive knowledge which the Pious Predecessors disapproved because they fear of the sin resulted from them because they are nearly lying. They also fear of the sin resulted from abandoning the Mashhor narrations because it is nearly truthful. Scholars of Hadith do not give the name of authentic except to narrations that do not contain any doubt by any means.

Narrations that are not authentic are classified as Hasan (good), Gharib (a Hadith with a single narrator usually at the beginning of the chain of narration), Shadh (Irregular Hadith : a Hadith narrated by a trustworthy narrator which contradicts, either in text or chain, the narration of a more trustworthy scholar, while no compromise can be done), Al Mu`allal (Defected: any Hadith that has a hidden and ambiguously defective element while it apparently seems defectless by meeting all acceptability conditions), and Munfarad Bih (Hadith that is reported by a single narrator), and each of these types need explanation that will be mentioned in the next pages.

Let us divide the matter into two types:

1- Authentic narrations.

2- Gharib and Hasan Hadiths.



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